AI Suite is based on a flexible product architecture. Your choice of products depends on the services needed to satisfy your business requirements. Your product portfolio can change as your business needs evolve.

For descriptions of how the AI Suite products interoperate, see How the products work together.

The main products in AI Suite are:

These products are connected to a range of products that provide global visibility, authentication, user right management, as well as configuration tools:


AccountingIntegrator is an integration and file transformation product for accounting events. It interprets and transforms Input Events according to the conversion rules you set up.

AccountingIntegrator enables you to:

  • Ensure the integrity of the accounting and financial systems according to the business systems.
  • Implement the accounting specifications and regulations.
  • Ensure the integrity of the data flow processing.
  • Ensure the synchronization with the accounting and financial systems.
  • Provide secured data to the accounting and financial systems.


InterPlay enables structured data creation, correction, and enrichment using a web user interface. InterPlay provides the flexibility needed to roll out an integrated solution that can:

  • Recycle incorrect flows regardless of their source (ERPs, specific applications, and so on)
  • Create entry forms for any type of Miscellaneous Transaction (MT) or business event
  • Secure, authenticate, and manage error correction and data entry operations
  • Run and monitor data entry and recycling process


Datastore is a highly scalable, high volume data repository that stores:

  • Input events processed by AccountingIntegrator
  • Generated output postings
  • Audit traces of the transformation that has occurred based on the rule assumptions.

Datastore can be used as a financial audit trail repository. It allows integrity management and safe preservation of data over time. Datastore is extensible and allows storage of additional data, such as accounting repositories and business inventories.

Datastore provides the following features:

  • Datastore Runtime
    • Partition management
    • Space management
    • High performance injection tool
    • Complete API
    • Cache management
    • Archive/purge management
  • Datastore Client
    • Query wizard to define requests to the Datastore
    • Storage and management of the query results (aggregation, sorting, filtering)
    • User rights to limit the access to the queries
    • Integration of custom queries defined using the API
    • Audit trail navigation queries
    • Management of the user preferences
    • Internationalization of the user interface

AI Suite Studio

AI Suite Studio provides an accountant-friendly vision of the working of AI Suite, that helps in each phase of the process.

  • Identify - In the everyday operation of the system (batch processing), accountants can understand what is going on, and identify which accounting rules are being triggered to produce a given output. If anything seems unusual, this will either give them a reassuring explanation about why things are happening this way, or will provide them with information they can present to IT personnel to justify their concern about the configuration.
  • Test and Acceptance - IT personnel people can present the results of the configuration work to accountants in an understandable format
  • Proof - Accountants in charge of verifying the configuration of the system are provided with tools to visualize how the rules are actually functioning,
  • Reference - Accountants (particularly if they are new to the company, or to the profession) can gain a better view of the operation of the system, and make the connection between accounting principles, rules and regulations, and what is actually going on.


PassPort provides identity and access management services, including SSO and user access audit functionality, as well as security services including PKI functionalities such as certificate and key management, certificate revocation list management, or data security (authentication, privacy, integrity, non-repudiation). As a user management service, PassPort can use built-in features as well as integrate LDAP directories. PassPort can provide these services as a centralized server even for products that have their own user and security administration in standalone mode.


Sentinel provides visibility to enterprise data that flows through Axway products and other connected systems.

Visibility functions include tracking, monitoring, and alerting.

In AI Suite, Sentinel provides visibility in the following areas:

  • Message-processing lifecycle information
  • System status information
  • Business visibility – Information from the business data flows can be collected and displayed to the user in a dashboard or as key performance indicators (KPI)


Composer is a graphical user interface in which you define, test, and deploy sets of parameters.

The purpose of Composer is to:

  • Design and verify the configuration of the set of objects required to implement data integration and exchanges.
    • Folders and user access rights
    • Axway servers and broadcast parameters
    • The dynamic, integration layer of the software
    • Data masks and functions
  • Deploy – Transfer objects to and from the runtime environment
  • Manage deployment on multiple servers

In AI Suite, Composer enables you to design the following objects:

  • File formats
  • Accounting rules
  • Internal tables
  • Integration-Processes
  • Maps
  • Business Processes

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