How the products work together

The AI Suite products work together to process business events and bring visibility into the accounting flows of data through your integration infrastructure.

  • The AI Suite products can be combined in different ways to match your application requirements:
    • Batch processing – Integrate each step of the accounting processes to your infrastructure through the use of scripts. For more information, see Batch processing.
    • Event-driven control – Take advantage of the built-in event mechanism in the core products of AI Suite. The Event Processor module, available in each core product, processes the events. For more information, see Event-driven control.
  • PassPort provides a centralized repository used by Axway products to manage user access and security. For more information, see Access management.
  • Each product sends event processing information to Sentinel allowing end-to-end visibility on message information: both metadata and relevant content information. For more information, see Visibility.
  • During the configuration phase:
    • Composer is used to design formats and accounting rules that are deployed in the repository and used by AccountingIntegrator, Datastore and InterPlay.
    • A Web tool, Designer, is used to configure InterPlay and Datastore.
  • For more information, see Configuration design.

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