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About this guide

This guide explains how to use AMPLIFY Choreography to integrate multi-tenant services into an asynchronous end-to-end process.

Who should read this guide

This guide is intended for web developers and Axway Professional Services personnel who are responsible for AMPLIFY services.

Other technical or business users may find parts of this guide useful as well.

Familiarity with AMPLIFY services is recommended:

  • API Builder
  • MFT
  • Content Collaboration
  • B2B

How to use this guide

Before you begin, review this guide thoroughly. The following is a brief description of the contents of each section:

About AMPLIFY Choreography – Describes why organizations should use AMPLIFY Choreography.

Getting started – Prerequisites to building a hybrid solution with AMPLIFY Choreography.

Manage your project with AMPLIFY Choreography CLI - Instructions for using the text-based command line interface to develop and manage your project.

Configure and deploy Runtime Services – Instructions for deploying the Runtime Services.

Create and deploy business services – Instructions for creating and deploying business services.

Create the choreography – Instructions for using the AMPLIFY Choreography CLI to create the choreography.

Execute the choreography – Instructions for using the AMPLIFY Choreography CLI to execute the choreography.

Monitoring – Instructions on checking, observing, and ensuring successful choreography executions.

Error messages – A list of possible error messages and troubleshooting instructions.

Glossary – A list of terms used in this guide and their definitions.

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