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The high level structure of Axway AMPLIFY Platform is described in this topic. The numbers on the image illustrate the order in which a hybrid integration solution is built.

Platform - Manages the AMPLIFY Choreography tenant, Step (business service) and Choreography registration

  • Provisioning Webhook - Allows onboarding / provisioning a new tenant
  • Step API - Manages registration of the business service as a step
  • Choreography API - Manages choreography

Hosted Services- Private cloud or on premise components, services and functions that coordinate business services in to business flows / processes

  • Kafka - Messaging backbone that allows the operational data to be managed
  • Executor - Service that initiates the choreography
  • Event - Manages the transactional data
  • Audit - Provides aggregation history for a choreography execution

SDK - Development tools to integrate existing or new business services into the AMPLIFY Choreography platform

  • Sidecar - Authenticates the service with the platform and registers it as a usable choreography step
  • Linkage - Facilitates the execution of the business service for the payload received from the sidecar

AMPLIFY Choreography CLI - AMPLIFY Choreography configuration and management command-line tool

  • Manage platform authentication
  • Retrieve configuration for platform service
  • Create template project for business service. Template includes:
    • Build scripts
    • Deployment configuration templates with sidecar and service configurations
    • Linkage based on the chosen language
  • Create choreography based on the steps available for the tenant
  • Trigger execution for a choreography
  • Visualize the choreography execution

Picture of Amplify Platform architecture


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