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Create and deploy business services

Business services are granular, stand-alone services that are specific to different business functions.

Before you start

Configure and deploy the Runtime Service. See Configure and deploy the Runtime Services.


Use CLI commands and the instructions in to create and deploy business services.

Create and deploy the business services

  1. Run the AMPLIFY Choreography CLI init command to create a new project.
  2. $ amplify ace init
  3. See Initialize project.
  4. Navigate to the folder where the project was created, locate and follow the instructions to create a business service using the provided template files. Note that the is packaged inside the project template under the generated project folder that was created in Step 1 above.
  5. Once the business service is created, follow the instructions in to build and deploy the business service.
Note   The deployment process registers the service as a step. Run the AMPLIFY Choreography CLI list command to verify that the new business step has been registered.

$ amplify ace step list

See List available AMPLIFY Choreography services.

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