Axway Product APIs

API Gateway

Manage every aspect of the gateway, including user administration, policy deployment, topology and analytics.

API Manager

Create, register and manage REST APIs, organizations and client applications. You can manage users, query metrics, manage quotas and configure services, such as remote hosts, gateway policies and token stores.


These REST APIs enable configuration of communities, partners and exchanges. Partner services, agreements and components are detailed. With the WebTrader APIs you can manage folders, documents, returned messages and exchange endpoints of WebTrader users.

Central Governance

The Central Governance REST APIs provide configuration and deployment services for application-to-application and partners-to-application data flows using Transfer CFT and SecureTransport. You can use these APIs to manage applications, application groups, partners, flows, products, and tags.

Transfer CFT

The Transfer CFT REST APIs provide transfer management and catalog operations, which include create, modify, view, and delete transfers.

Mobile Backend Services

Axway Mobile Backend Services provides pre-built, scalable, cloud, mobile-specific backend services via REST APIs and data objects. These are for location-based services, users, social, geo-location, photos, media. You can add push notifications to Android and iOS devices subscribed to push channels. There are software development kits (SDKs) for integrating with Titanium, Android, iOS and Node.js mobile applications.


The Administrator REST APIs provide configuration services for business units, accounts, routes and associated entities that are part of managed file transfer data flows. With the End-user REST APIs you can monitor file transfers and manage users’ mailboxes and shared folders.


Syncplicity is an enterprise-grade, online file-sharing and mobile collaboration solution. It provides superb user experience, security and control. Syncplicity enables you to build apps using REST APIs. You can create user accounts and groups in Syncplicity, assign users to groups and configure policies.