Accessibility and VPATs

Axway strives to create accessible products and documentation for users. This page describes the Axway product accessibility features and includes:

Documentation accessibility

The product documentation provides the following accessibility features:

  • Screen reader support
  • Support for high contrast and accessible use of colors

Screen reader support

  • Alternative text is provided for images whenever necessary.
  • The PDF documents are tagged to provide a logical reading order.

Support for high contrast and accessible use of colors

  • The documentation can be used in high-contrast mode.
  • There is sufficient contrast between the text and the background color.
  • The graphics have the right level of contrast and take into account the way color-blind people perceive colors.

If there is product accessibility information, it is included in the product documentation.

Keyboard shortcuts

You can use a combination of keys to perform actions in the Axway Documentation Portal that typically require a mouse, or other input device. Depending on your OS and browser, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • Control Alt Shift + h, Enter* : Open homepage
  • Control Alt Shift + a, Enter* : Open accessibility page
  • Control Alt Shift + p, Enter* : Open product list
  • Control Alt Shift + x, Enter* : Open Axway website
  • Control Alt Shift + s, Enter* : Open Support site
(*) You may need to press Enter to activate the anchor.


An access key specifies a shortcut key to activate or focus an element. Note the differences in browser key combinations.





Internet Explorer

[Alt] + accesskey (*) You may need to press [Enter] to activate the anchor




[Alt] + accesskey

[Alt] + accesskey

[Control] [Alt] + accesskey


[Alt] [Shift] + accesskey

[Alt] [Shift] + accesskey

[Control] [Alt] + accesskey


[Alt] + accesskey


[Control] [Alt] + accesskey


Opera 15 or newer: [Alt] + accesskey
Opera 12.1 or older: [Shift] [Esc] + accesskey

Available VPATs